Rugby Reading Champions

By July 21, 2014Education & Training

The Foundation teams up annually with The Warrington Library Service and The National Literacy Trust to encourage families, and in particular males, to read together.

For a six-week period, a small group of pupils from selected schools participate – along with family members – in various activities aimed at encouraging reluctant readers and promoting use of the Library.   During these sessions, the families will also visit The Halliwell Jones Stadium and be part of a question and answer session with a Wolves star.

Wolves’ players and coaching staff recommend some of their current favourite books, along with special books from their childhood and the favourites of their own children, and these are offered to the participants for reading.

The Foundation also promotes parents to train as school helpers and assist young readers in their own schools.  In addition, we hope to develop training and access to players visiting the schools to motivate youngsters into the love of reading.

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