Healthy Stadia

By July 21, 2014Health

Millions of people across Europe attend Sporting Stadia each week to watch their team, to work at the stadium or to use the stadium’s facilities. Stadia offer significant opportunities for reaching large numbers of people, and as such, offer a key setting for addressing public health, social and environmental issues.

Sporting Stadia are therefore well positioned to develop community health initiatives, addressing determinants such as nutrition, physical activity, tobacco and alcohol consumption.

There are some key aims and objectives of the Healthy Stadia Network that outline the overall ambition:

  • Demonstrating the impact stadia have on local communities and harnessing that potential
  • Supporting stadia in adopting a healthy settings approach, as previously adopted in schools, hospitals, workplaces, cities etc.
  • Supporting stadia to promote healthier practices (lifestyle, social and environmental) and increasing their recognition of corporate and social responsibilities towards staff, customers and local communities
  • Providing a multi stakeholder, settings approach, to address health and social determinants at a European level
  • Developing a European Healthy Stadia network to bring together a wide range of sports clubs and stadia, to share experiences, and to learn from initiatives developed to promote healthy lifestyles
  • Using the high profile nature of sports clubs and stadia brands to reach large European audiences and promote global messages concerning sustainability, health promotion, environmental practice and community engagement
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