Questionable Beer Statistics Ahead of the Beer Festival Compiled by Drunk Staff Writer

By July 13, 2016News
Wolves Foundation Beer Festival

To be honest with you, I’m always waiting around for an excuse to write about beer.

With the league too close to call, and the Wire2Wolves Beer Festival on Friday, we’re looking at beer statistics to separate the regions … and hopefully stir the pot for some ale-fuelled banter this weekend.

Before we get started, let me explain how the data works:

  • We kept a beady eye on Twitter for the last three weeks, identifying when somebody Tweeted about a particular beer type in a positive way
  • We recorded their location upon publishing the Tweet
  • We then built the following graphs using an index model, which scores the volume of Tweets about a particular beer for a particular region, in relation to the average amount of Tweets for that particular beer across the entire UK

Think that’s complicated? I’m writing this half-drunk (prepping for the Beer Festival is thirsty work).

Anyway, let’s get stuck in …

Yorkshiremen Can’t Stomach a Dunkel and the North West Looks Down on Pilsner


Yorkshire either refuses to serve Dunkel in its pubs, the locals can’t stand the taste, or they’re fully aware it is a preferred beverage on the other side of the Pennines and therefore refuse to drink it.

Lager stands at 50/50 – most likely chosen by sheep residents who follow football over rugby league.

The North West has seemingly less time for stout. The reasons for this are currently unknown.

REVEALED: Salford Fans Are Statistically More Likely to be Drunk at the Game


As Salford’s the most Mancunian of Greater Manchester clubs, our data specialists suggest the rise in beer-related Tweets for that region are solely attributable to drunk Salford fans. And the data is in no way skewed by the population of Manchester itself.

Cheshire clubs aren’t so wild with their drinking – instead opting for a healthy variety of classy ales, just enough to outdrink their Lancashire and Merseyside rivals.

Big Graph Suggests Loads of Beery Things about Different Regions in the UK


Looks like porter is the most Tweeted about from the list. Sceptics have pointed out that the numbers may be skewed by Tweets regarding those people who carry your bags in fancy hotels.

West Yorkshiremen are the biggest beer drinkers in the UK … or the most-prominent-Tweeters-about-drinking-beer in the UK.

Basically, whenever the statistics appear in the favour of non-Cheshire clubs, readers ought to look at the data from a slightly different angle …

We may not be Tweeting about our ale as much as you, but that’s because we’re too busy drinking it. So there.

West Yorkshire is Indecisive About its Preferred Beer (and in other news, Somerset residents ONLY drink bitter)


There are some weird, weird counties out there. Thank Bevan the Wire2Wolves Beer Festival is in Warrington … where people actually like beer.

London Statistics for Those Who Can Be Bothered


London’s massive. And it was messing our data up in the other graphs.

So, we took it out.

Most London clubs follow the wrong code anyway, so we don’t even feel guilty about it.

Still, the graph’s there for those who can be bothered looking at it.

 Get Yourself to the Wire2Wolves Beer Festival

The Wire2Wolves Beer Festival is coming up on Friday. Nothing else matters, really.

It’s running from 15th-16th July.

It’s £5 a ticket.

And if you get yours in advance, we’ll throw in two free pints. Get them from the club store at the Halliwell Jones Stadium

It starts at 6pm on Friday at the ground.

All attendees receive a limited edition commemorative pint glass, to mark the 140 year anniversary for Warrington Wolves as a club.

By the way, if you’re interested in drawing your own conclusions on the data above – please, feel free to do so in the comments. I’m knackered.

Here is a full list of the breweries that will be attending the event.


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